The Brickworks Museum
at Bursledon

Steam, Road and Rail


All the machinery at the brickworks was run by steam and most of it still does. We have four static steam engines, two run the large machinery, one is a small water pump for the old boliers and one runs a small pugmill in the country brickworks display.

Once a month we aim to power them all up. Seeing and hearing the old machinery in action is one of the highlights of a visit. This does depend on sufficient manpower being available but it isn’t hard to find volunteers to run steam engines.

South Hants Historic Steam and Engineering Society

We also have a resident steam society on site, South Hampshire Historic Steam and Engineering Society.  Twice a year they steam up all their engines and bring them out on display offering trailer rides. We can usually expect one or more turning up for our regular monthly events as well.


Hampshire Narrow Gauge Railway Trust

Narrow gauge railway lines were used by many industries for moving heavy materials around. Whether it was quarrying stone or winning clay such as at Bursledon these flexible little railways were worth their weight in gold.  Hampshire Narrow Gauge Railway Trust operate a narrow gauge railway at the Brickworks. There is a mineral line display which shows the kinds  of rolling stock once used.

Once a month on our steam-up days they run the trains*. This includes a passenger railway and a miniature railway both of which offer rides. There is a small charge for this which covers their costs.

* The running of the trains is subject to availability 


Southampton and District Transport and Heritage Trust

Southampton and District Transport and Heritage Trust are also residents on site. They have approximately twenty vehicles that they look after of all ages. The buses are mainly from Southampton and the local area. With a membership of over eighty they enjoy all kinds of activities and their buses can be seen at lots of local events including ours. More details can be found on their website: