The Brickworks Museum
at Bursledon

What's on at The Brickworks

Ghosts at the Brickworks

Thursday, 29th October

Strange things have been happening around the museum. Doors banging, footsteps in empty corridors and mysterious whistling in the dark. Help!

Can you work out what is going on and bring peace back to the old factory again?

This event is ticketed with timed entry to the museum. We are going to limit numbers so that you can enjoy it safely.

First entry is 11.15 with last booking 3.15. Booking is essential and tickets can be found here:

Costs are £12 per family (2 adults +3 children) includes spooky activities to take away.

Please come in fancy dress if you are able to. We love it!





Christmas at The Brickworks

Dates to be confirmed

We are working hard to ensure that Father Christmas makes it to the museum this year. His travel plans are uncertain - as you can imagine - but once we hear from him if he is able to fit us in we will let you know.

We are imagining a series of activities and a trail round the museum. Father Christmas plus presents of course if at all possible.

Please keep watching for updates both here and on our Facebook page.




The Brickworks Beer Festival - Rescheduled

Saturday 8th May, 2021

BRICKS, BEER & BUSES -  Now happening in 2021

We have decided to completely reschedule and aim for Saturday 8th May 2021. With fingers and toes crossed that this will be possible.

If you have a ticket for 2020 this will no longer be valid for next year. We tried to find a way of exchanging them but it was too difficult.

Please contact the museum to arrange a refund before the end of this year. We will need ticket and bank details and then we can BACS it straight into your account. 

If you would like to donate your ticket to the museum that would be fantastic as we have lost 90% of our income! It would be helpful if you could let us know as we are trying to keep tabs on the tickets that have been sold.