The Brickworks Museum
at Bursledon


An exciting range of workshops!

Bursledon Brickworks offers an exciting range of workshops supporting the National Curriculum. Contact our education team for further information, to make a booking or to discuss your requirements


Three Little Pigs

Investigate science and materials with us through the story of the Three Little Pigs. Featuring a tour of the museum and interactive storytelling, this messy workshop explores straw, sticks and brick as building materials.

Which house is strongest? We find out using fair testing... and a leaf blower. Where do you think the little pigs would want to live?

KS1 and KS2         Science; Design Technology        Materials; Technical Knowledge


The Great Fire of London

Brick use boomed after the fire – find out why in this interactive workshop exploring the history of the fire and the impact it had on the way we build our homes. 

KS1 and KS2         History           Events beyond living memory; The Great Fire of London


Victorious Victorians

Who built the Brickworks? This evidenced based workshop uses maps, artefacts, and documentary evidence to explore the Victorians. Why did they build here? What was their life like? Who were they? We get hands-on with history to learn about the people of Victorian Swanwick.

KS1 and KS2          History          Local History; Post-1066 study


Brick Bundle

Find out how we made 20 million bricks a year on an interactive tour of the brickworks, then get hands-on with heritage and engineering in our brick bundle lab. Can you build a bridge over the river? Load the brick barge? Build an arch? And make the brick bond patterns? This is a fun and informative workshop exploring engineering and building.

KS1 and KS2       Design Technology, Mathematics       Technical Knowledge; Measurement; STEM


Bug Hotel

Meet some of the creatures that live around the Brickworks – from bats to bugs. What habitats do they like to live in? What makes a good home? Use your findings to make a clay pipe for a bug hotel. These can be fired, taken back to school and set up in your grounds.

KS1 and KS2      Science        Living Things and Their Habitats


Brick Mix Masters

What makes a good brick? Study some examples of bricks that are good, bad and ugly to find out. Then make your own brick mix – scientifically measured and recorded. Which brick mix will Mr Ashby, founder of the brickworks, like the best?

KS 1 and KS2          Science           Materials


Fabulous Fossils  

A secret lies in the brick clay at the museum – fabulous fossils from millions of years ago. Tour the Brickworks and see how fossils came to be in the clay, then make your own from plaster and clay.

KS1 and KS2        Science         Rocks; Evolution and Inheritance


Industrial Art  

Use the museum as inspiration to create your own clay tile to take away. Identify textures, shapes and patterns in our machines and collections to build a unique piece of artwork that reflects your industrial explorations. We are also a registered Arts Award Centre, offering the Discover Award.

All ages      Art



Visits are charged at £4 per child or half day visits and £6 for full days, (min charge for group visit £50 where groups are small). The optional kiln firing of bricks, bug hotel ‘pipes’, and other clay items made during workshops costs £1 per item. Arts Award certificates are also charged in addition to the workshop – please ask for up to date pricing.


We have ample coach and car parking, outdoor and indoor picnic areas, and two play spaces for children. There are two warm education spaces, one for messy activities and another for good clean fun!