The Brickworks Museum
at Bursledon

School Visits

An exciting range of workshops!

Brick Bundle   |   Science / D&T   |   KS1, 2   |   Half Day

Tour the Brickworks to see how bricks were used and made. The activity series includes working at a variety of stations that cover brick bonds (pattern-making), measurement and structure (height), teamwork (bridge making), testing buoyancy of objects in water, and building arches.

Brick making can be added as an option.

Build a Bug Hotel   |   Science/D.T.   |   KS 1, 2   |     Half Day

With the help of the creatures that live in our grounds learn about the plants, bugs and animals. Record your findings. Build a home for bugs from brick clay. Select the most suitable materials to furnish your house. Leave your homes with us to be fired in our kiln. You could then furnish and construct them into a brick built home to place in your school grounds or they could be used individually.

Optional Firing: choose best 3 to fire / have all fired at extra cost.*

Brick Building Lab   |   History/Science/D.T.   |   KS1, 2, 3   |   Half Day

Why did Britain need bricks after centuries without them? What came before them?

Record examples of different building methods and their suitability for different environments. Have a go at wattle and daub, creating cob walls and making a brick wall the traditional way. Test the results. Also tour the Museum and find out how we made 20 million bricks a year and find what it was like to be an industrial worker in the past.

Options: Experience building with daub on a large wattle frame in the hall - but this cannot be tested.

Make a brick to take back to school - either when dried or when fired.

Fabulous Fossils   |   Science   |   KS 1, 2   |   Half Day

Tour the Brickworks and see how fossils came to be in the clay. The activity will tap into the qualities that make something dead or alive. Participants will sort a variety of objects into alive / dead / never alive and look at examples of fossils that would be similar to those found in the brick clay used at the brickworks. Then clay and plaster will be used to make an impression of chosen objects to take away.

Brick Mix Masters   |   Science/D.T./Maths   |   KS1, 2, 3   |   Half Day

Children study examples of good and bad bricks and conduct a scientific investigation. We will see what happens if bricks are made from a bad mix of materials and what the consequences might be. They then become scientists and design their own mix of ingredients to create clay that will make the best bricks for building. They record the recipe and then make a sample brick. These are left with us to be dried and fired before returning them to your school. As a classroom activity the class can compare their bricks to find out which recipe was the best for strength, appearance and texture.

Clay Transformers   |   Science / D&T / Art   |   KS2   |   Half  Day

Tour the Brickworks and see how clay is formed and changed. What can a bowl be made from? How were bowls made through the ages? Record ideas. Then by a scientific investigation test the different stages in clay with using a fair test. Record the changes and results, (drying, kiln, glazes) add a picture of where this would happen in the brickworks. Discuss other uses for clay?

Make a pinch bowl. Optional finishing's are available.

Options: The best bowls could be fired / all could be fired / could be painted with glaze or underglaze.

Terrific Tiles   |   D&T / Art   |   KS2   |   Half Day

Have a great time creating a tile using the museum for inspiration! Tour the museum, identify and record patterns (sketch, photograph, rubbings, etc.). There are various collections to observe, including patterned roof tiles. Design a tile on paper and transfer into clay by impressing shapes and  ultising the variety of clay tools on hand. 

Industrial Art   |   Art /D.T.   |   KS 4 /5 / Adult   |   Half or Full  Day

This is a full or half day to look at the work of some Industrial artists who use photography, paint or found objects to create Industrial Art. The brickworks and grounds provide inspiration around every corner. Experiment with different mediums to create a piece of artwork to remember. This session can be documented to create a mini portfolio of your creative journey.

Records Come To Life   |   History   |   KS2   |   Half Day

Students study the living conditions of the workers at the museum in the past using observation and census records. Look at the workers cottages in the present and past including our recreated rooms. Uncover clues about the families that lived here from the census records.


Visits are charged at £4 per child (adults free) for half day visits and £6 for full days, (min charge for group visit £30 where groups are small). If you would like added excitement we can power up the steam engine for £50 (to cover the cost of fuel).


Please note we have plenty of free safe off- road parking, outdoor picnic areas and indoor facilities for lunches and breaks on wet days. There are two warm education spaces, one for messy activities and another for clean fun!