The Brickworks Museum
at Bursledon

Support from Companies and Trusts

As an independent museum we rely on the support from all kinds of companies, trusts and foundations to ensure we survive. To date we have been supported by:


Thanks to a big grant from the National Heritage Landmarks Partnership (Association of Independent Museums, Biffa Award) we have reinstated our second steam engine. This is the sister engine to our main one and also made by John Wood & Son from Wigan. It has been in store for ten years and is now working again.

You can see a photograph of the installation on our News Page

The Association of Independent Museums has helped the museum with two grants in recent years. The first was in partnership with Biffa Awards - see above. The second was to help us with our cafe. The grant paid for a consultant and new chairs and tables.


Link to Lottery Fund websiteThe National Lottery Heritage Fund started workign with the Brickworks in 2012. The first grant helped to create the museum as it is today. A second grant was applied for in 2016 to help write a master plan for the whole site looking at ways of creating a viable and sustainable funding stream for the museum. Just recently we have recieved two further grants. A large one to help us with the development of the New Foundations Project and a smaller one "Bombs, Bricks and Belles - our Brickworks during the war (WW1). Without their inspired support the museum would have struggled to become the place it is. 

Raymond Brown Aggregates logoRaymond Brown Aggregates have been working with the museum for three years providing all kinds of support ranging from sourcing ballast for the railway line plus small donations for specific events. They have also been working on a shared project based on their recycled clay. 

Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC have been supporting the museum for many years by providing ready mixed brick clay. This is used for visitors and schools to make small bricks with. Anyone who visits the museum can make a brick thanks to them. 

Link to Hampshire Building Preservation TrustThe Trust was formed by Hampshire County Council as part of its response to European Architectural Heritage Year in 1976. Its principal objective was to increase public awareness of the plight of those historic buildings which were suffering from either a lack of maintenance or lack of a viable use. For almost 30 years the Trust, operated a revolving fund which allowed it to purchase and restore a number of threatened buildings before putting them back on the mark.

The Trust  owns Bursledon Brickworks, where the core buildings of the 19th Century works are Grade 2* listed buildings. The Trust has been an important support in the creation of the Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum.